Dragons and Hot Sauce and Other Imaginations

“Don’t give your dragon hot sauce…”

We are big fans of  whimsical poems that make kids laugh, so we’re very excited to partner with the creators of Dragons and Hot Sauce and Other Imaginations, Mike Moore and Andy Young. These two gents from south of the border self-published this book in 2014, and we’re bringing it to the North for a hardcover Canadian Edition.

“Here are a jolly cavalcade of fantastic songs, rhymes and poems, perfectly pictured as fantastic creations of a very gleeful mind… All fathers (and mothers) of daughters (and sons) should treat themselves to this amazing confabulation of fun and freedom that is not just for kids.”
~James A. Cox, Editor, Midwest Book Review

$2.00 from every copy sold supports the important work happening at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

9″ square hardcover – $14.00, plus tax