Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Peppermint Toast Publishing is pleased to be in partnership with the Victoria Native Friendship Centre for the release of the books, I Was Born Precious And Sacred and I Know I Am Precious And Sacred. These read-aloud children’s books are simple and beautiful, acknowledging and honouring the ancestral teaching of how every child is born as a precious and sacred body, spirit, mind and heart.

Located within the traditional land of the Lekwammen People, known today as the Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization whose mandate is “to encourage and promote the well-being of Urban Aboriginal People, by strengthening individuals, family, and community.” It offers community, support, training and networking in a safe environment that helps Aboriginal people to better maneuver in the urban setting.

Please visit the Victoria Native Friendship Centre to learn about their ongoing programs, services, and community events.