peppermint toast...

... is a children's book publisher? Yep. But, would peppermint toast even taste good?

Well, playfulness got the better of us and we started experimenting with unconventional combinations. A police officer writing kids books. A publisher sharing proceeds with charities. A mite taking flight.

Turns out, Peppermint Toast makes a very good story - actually many good stories.


once upon a time

We create quality children’s literature to showcase the talent of authors and illustrators from all walks of life. Meet the creative writers, designers, and artists behind the stories.


a better story for all

Beyond the exciting venture of turning scratchings and sketches into published works, we direct proceeds from each of our books to local charities. Check out our amazing partners.


people, paper and ink

We care about social and environmental responsiblity. Our production matches our books' important messages. So, we source sustainable paper and ink, and insist on ethical supply chains.